Our tour includes a photo opportunity at the Floral Clock, capture lasting memories and photos at a renowned 40-foot diameter timepiece created with over 15,000 plants and flowers. This attraction was initially built by Ontario Hydro in 1950. When travelling along the Niagara Parkway towards Niagara on the Lake our tour stops just north of the botanical gardens for this attraction.

This working clock is created with thousands of flowers that form intricate designs on the face of the clock. These flowers are changed twice each year to keep them fresh and renew the design. The clock contains Westminster chimes that go off every quarter of an hour, and when the door is open you can even take a look at the mechanisms that keep this attraction running. Surrounding the existing clock are images detailing every floral clock face design dating back to 1950.

This attraction is heavily maintained — the flowers are pruned by the Niagara Parks horticulture staff and the mechanisms are kept working by Ontario Hydro — to ensure that visiting tourists have the best sight and get the best photographs.

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