1st Person to Climb the Niagara Falls

A Canadian Ice Climber made history this Tuesday when he became the first person to scale the frozen Niagara Falls. Will Gadd, age 47, made the climb a few feet away from the 150,000 tons of water going nearly 62 miles per hour. Gadd claimed the largest of Niagara Falls’ 3 sections — The Horseshoe Falls. It was not all frozen ice, the alternations between ice and snow made it quite a difficult climb for Gadd. His girlfriend and fellow ice climber Sarah Hueniken, 40, held the rope for him from an ice cave. Afterward, she became the 2nd person to scale the Niagara Falls when she climbed up to clean all of the protective equipment. They were able to accomplish this feat with the sponsorship of RedBull. If you wish to see the action, visit our Facebook page to find the video: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Niagara-Falls-Tours-BG-Tours-Canada/125916217549995